Saturday, November 26, 2011


Yes, it's been quite awhile since I have updated got in the way.   These pictures are just from the last month or so and as soon as I can get the other pictures from my other computer I will get older pictures up.

This is Lilly's baby.  Kirby is the dad.    I just realized she doesn't have a name yet.   We have been going back and forth if she is staying or not.  I will have to have Alyssa give her a  She would be a couple weeks old in these pictures.

Here is Lilly and her baby who is about a month old here.

We bred Lollipop and Kikki and since she was a first time mom we didn't expect her babies to live but she had 3 babies which not only lived but are doing very well and are a week and a half old.   2 of them have their eyes open and the last should be open shortly.    Here is Lolli getting ready to build her nest

Here are the babies the first day they were born.

3 days old

Week and half old.   You can really start to see their color now.   We have a smoke pearl, a himilayan with a dirty coat and looks like a seal.  Alyssa hopes it's a chocolate so we can keep it but, I don't think either parent carries chocolate, so I guess we will see.

Here is snowball, he was born on 08/4/11.   He went to his new home last week to live with Charlotte and Darlene.   We were sad to see him go but he wasn't showable and we already have one himi boy to use for breeding.   Can't wait to see him at the fair.

Here is Moe, his sister.   We are still not sure if she will be staying but we will probably take her to the January show to see how she does.   I love her color but her ears are getting just a little bit long.  Snowball had the best ears of the two so we are hoping next litter we get a nice color with good ears.   Here's hoping.

Here is Sylvester.  He is 6 months old.   He has gotten quite huge and so we are not sure if he will be staying yet either.   I still like the way he looks and his color has gotten better but we will see how he does at January show.  

And evidently the cats had a very hard day this day and were all napping at the same

I am hoping sometime in the next few weeks to get the pictures from the old computer so we can get some older pictures but I will try to keep this updated more