Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Checked on the babies today.   Lila's babies are doing better.  She finally pulled fur and looks like she has been feeding them, they have nice round bellies.  But unfortunately it looks like we do have a peanut, that one is not growing at all.  You can see the size difference here.

It looks like Lilly has accepted Lila's extra baby and she is doing a good job feeding it, another nice round belly.  I am hoping they will get to be closer to the same size.  There is still quite a difference but you can see the nice little round bellies on them.

Lulu's babies are 2 weeks old now and are getting sooooo cute.  They are starting to get out of the nest box now.

Neko, what a big baby.  Has to lay by my feet under the computer and now has a pillow to lay on too.....must have fallen from the couch because I certainly didn't put it there....lol

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Blessed with babies.

We have definitely been blessed with babies lately.     Me luvs the babies.

Our oldest baby Alfie, (Lilly's baby) was 9 weeks old and went to her new home on Friday.  A young man was getting her for his sister for Christmas.  She was super cute and we will miss her but I am sure she will love her new home.

Next we have Lollipop's babies who are 5 1/2 weeks old now.   First is Nesquick who unless her colors really change she will be sold in a couple of weeks.


Still not sure about Peter, will need to wait a few weeks and see how he looks then.

Same with Bart, color looks good and as long as his ears don't grow really long, maybe he will be a keeper.

Next we have Lulu's babies who are now 2 1/2 weeks old.  There eyes are open and they are getting around quite well.  Haven't looked them over too closely yet but did see a couple that don't have the right markings and will need to go to the January show to be sold.

Lola had a litter of 3 but one didn't make it.  They are 5 days old now.  So far it looks like we will have a smoke pearl and a seal (not showable).

Lilly had 1 baby on Friday.  So far looks like it will be a blue otter like Alfie was. Since it was the only one in the litter it might get too large to keep but we will see.

Delilah had 4 babies last night when I got home.  She wasn't a very good mom though and had them on the wire and didn't even pull any hair.  They are all still alive this morning but one looks like a peanut so we may lose that one.  The peanut is the dark one in the center, he's smaller and his back legs look weird.  Since Lilly only had one baby I gave her one of Delilah's to help even it out, we will see how that goes.  I should know tonight if Lilly has accepted it and is feeding it.  I do worry about the size difference however  as you can see in the 2nd picture.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Yes, it's been quite awhile since I have updated this....UGH....life got in the way.   These pictures are just from the last month or so and as soon as I can get the other pictures from my other computer I will get older pictures up.

This is Lilly's baby.  Kirby is the dad.    I just realized she doesn't have a name yet.   We have been going back and forth if she is staying or not.  I will have to have Alyssa give her a name...lol  She would be a couple weeks old in these pictures.

Here is Lilly and her baby who is about a month old here.

We bred Lollipop and Kikki and since she was a first time mom we didn't expect her babies to live but she had 3 babies which not only lived but are doing very well and are a week and a half old.   2 of them have their eyes open and the last should be open shortly.    Here is Lolli getting ready to build her nest

Here are the babies the first day they were born.

3 days old

Week and half old.   You can really start to see their color now.   We have a smoke pearl, a himilayan with a dirty coat and looks like a seal.  Alyssa hopes it's a chocolate so we can keep it but, I don't think either parent carries chocolate, so I guess we will see.

Here is snowball, he was born on 08/4/11.   He went to his new home last week to live with Charlotte and Darlene.   We were sad to see him go but he wasn't showable and we already have one himi boy to use for breeding.   Can't wait to see him at the fair.

Here is Moe, his sister.   We are still not sure if she will be staying but we will probably take her to the January show to see how she does.   I love her color but her ears are getting just a little bit long.  Snowball had the best ears of the two so we are hoping next litter we get a nice color with good ears.   Here's hoping.

Here is Sylvester.  He is 6 months old.   He has gotten quite huge and so we are not sure if he will be staying yet either.   I still like the way he looks and his color has gotten better but we will see how he does at January show.  

And evidently the cats had a very hard day this day and were all napping at the same time....lol

I am hoping sometime in the next few weeks to get the pictures from the old computer so we can get some older pictures but I will try to keep this updated more frequently....lol

Thursday, October 27, 2011

PAM Cooking Spray

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baby Update and Birthday Party

Well, I guess I have been a slacker on the blog lately, so here are some updates.     Lola's babies are now 3 weeks old and cuter than ever.  I know I say that about all the babies, but it's true.  

Here they are a little over 2 weeks old.

And here they are at 3 weeks old.

Becky and Darlene went to their new home on the 15th.   They went to live with Charlotte so we know they will be getting a great home and we will see them next year at fair.

Last weekend we had Alyssa's birthday party with the family and we had a picnic in the park and then we went to the zoo.  It was a super nice day and I think everyone had lots of fun.

Monday the 22nd was the first day of school and Alyssa is now a Freshman...ACK   I think she's ready but I am not so sure I am....lol

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fair and Babies

Last week was fair and we had fun as usual.   Alyssa really got out there this year and worked on more projects and spent more time with friends and even went to the dance.    I am thinking that the bunnies really didn't want to be fair show bunnies and were glad to be home and back in their own beds.   Its was very very very hot on Monday, well above 100 heat index and they were definitely not used to that.  Luckily it cooled down the rest of the week and they did better after that.   Here are pictures of them at the fair
Kirby - he really really had a hard time with the heat but he got a purple

Lollipop - Alyssa did showmanship with her and she just didn't want to be flipped so she got a blue in showmanship but got a purple in the show and best junior doe.

Becky and Darlene - they got blue ribbons cuz they are just babies.  Since they were so little and have been living together, they let us put them in the same cage.  They should be going to their new home in a couple of weeks.  They will be going to live with Charlotte (who got a purple ribbon too, yeah)

Lulu - seemed to really like to go to the fair...lol   She got best of breed for Dutch and got 3rd place overall.  Thought maybe she would get reserve champion, it was a close one.

Kiki - got a blue ribbon.  He's just a little small and narrow yet.  I am not sure yet if he will grow out of that or not.  We will be taking him to a couple more shows to see what they say before we decide to keep him or not.

Sylvester - Our little show bunny.  When he poses on his own, he really poses and we are working on getting to pose on command, but.....we'll see how that goes...lol   He got a purple ribbon and best junior buck.

Hopper - got a purple ribbon.   He has been sneezing since he got home and has something weird on his nose so I am not sure if the heat really got to him or if he got a bite on his nose or what is going on.  He got a penicillin shot just in case.

So, we got 5 purples and 3 blues so the purple ribbon rabbits will be going to the fair.   We will be taking others as well but they just can't be shown in the 4H show but Alyssa can show them in the Open Youth show.  

Lola had her babies on 08/04/11.   I have never seen such a pink baby before.  Lol   We are thinking it will be Himalayan since that is what Kirby is but he does have white in his background so I guess it could be that. So far it looks like the other one will be smoke pearl again.   Looks pretty gray in the pictures yet and usually by a couple of days it starts to look brownish, but I guess we will see.

Here they are 3 days old.   The Himmie is starting to get some white fuzz on it.  Not sure when we will start to see the ears changing color.  Could take a month or so?

Here they are 4 days old.  Not much different than yesterday.   And also a short video clip.  They sure are jumpy bunnies....lol