Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nova and Chipper

Nova and Chipper went to their new home tonight.  They are going to be 4H projects and they people also have handicapped people come visit their place and wanted rabbits for that.  Chipper would be perfect for that but Nova has some attitude adjustments to make.   The people seemed very nice and hopefully they will enjoy them as much as we have.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Baby Update

Here we are again for the weekly baby updates.  They just grow so quickly it's hard to believe.

Lilly's babies are 3 weeks old now and I just took the nest box out.  Ornery little things they are and they don't much like to be held.   Guess I will have to start getting them out every day.

Not sure if they are boys or girls yet, maybe next week I can check.   So far it looks like we will be keeping the black one this time, but things can change all the time.

Sylvester is 7 weeks old and he just got his own cage this weekend.  Hopefully he does ok and doesn't miss mom too much.   I haven't taken him out much lately but he definitely has Lola's personality, sweet and calm.  I still really like the way he looks and he certainly likes to pose.  His ears and nose are starting to get a little darker and I would say in the next couple of weeks his color will show more.   Lola has been digging, digging, digging, so I am guessing she is pregnant.  I wasn't sure she took because I tried her with Kirby this time and I didn't think she really liked him much.  I am anxious to see what Kirby's babies can look like.  Even though Kirby's color isn't showable he is a nice solid buck and should make some nice babies.

Lila's babies are 9 weeks and I can't believe how small they still are.  Sylvester is about the same size, but I suppose since was the only baby.  

Hopper isn't looking too bad, his ears may be a little long but his color is coming along nicely.    He is a little blotchy right now but in another couple weeks should look great.

Chipper is still super sweet, it's too bad that she has a bad color.   I am hoping to find her a fabulous pet home.

Kiki is still my hopeful out of this litter.   Checked again and I think Kiki is a boy, originally thought Kiki was a girl.  lol   Oh well, bound to happen sooner or later that I guessed wrong.

Nova is now 3 months old but for some reason she has decided she wants to be huge.  Here she is next to Lolli who is 4 months old.   And then after that is Lolli and Squirt.

And here is a picture of Lulu for Alyssa since it's been awhile since she's seen her...lol

And here are some more pictures of my flowers, they are starting to look really cool.  And then Alyssa's peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly Baby Update

Yes folks, it's that time again......time for the weekly baby update.    They grow up so fast.    Starting with the youngest first.   Lilly's babies are 2 weeks and 3 days old.   Jumping in and out of the nest box, running all over the place.  So cute.

Lola's baby, Sylvester is 6 weeks old.   His ears are getting a little long too....DRAT and his color isn't coming in very well, but he has a little more time before we decide.   I really do like his head and shape, just need to keep those ears from growing.

Next is Lila's babies, they are 8 weeks old.     So far I still really like the way Kiki looks except looking again Kiki may be a boy...ACK    Guess we will have to come up with new name.   Hopper's ears are getting a little long so keep your finger's crossed they stop growing.   Chipper is still the sweetest one out of the bunch so I am hoping to find her a good home soon.




Lilly's baby Nova is almost 3 months old.   She has some good points but she is getting really big like her mom and her ears are getting quite long so we will have to see.

I didn't get any pictures of Lolli and Squirt this week because they basically look the same....lol    But here is a picture of Cooper.   I guess he has had a very rough day....lol

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Updates

Lilly's babies were 1 week old last Thursday.  The first picture is when they were 10 days old.   The black babies eyes opened at about a week.  They are both pretty fat and round, Lilly is doing a great job taking care of them.

Here is when they are 12 days old and they are getting around quite well.  I am trying to put them in the fence so they can get some exercise.  Not much popcorning yet but give them a couple of days....lol

Here is Lola's baby who is now 5 weeks old.   We think it's a boy so Alyssa has named him Sylvester.   His ears are getting a little darker and hopefully will keep getting darker.

And here is a picture of Kirby.  I don't think he's been in here for awhile.  I had him out for a bit so thought I'd take a picture.  It's too bad his color disqualifies him because he sure likes to pose.

We may not have anymore babies for a little while which is ok because we were breeding mainly for fair anyway.   Oliver still has an infection so I am going to give him some time off and Lola and Lila seem to not like Kirby very much.    Poor poor Kirby.  He has finally discovered girls and now no one likes him as much as Oliver.    I didn't want to really breed Lila and Kirby anyway because he is so much bigger than she is which could cause problems and I did try Lola and Kirby so I guess we will see in a month.

Here is a picture of Oliver because I don't think he's been in here in awhile either.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lilly Babies 3rd litter

Lilly had her 3rd litter of babies on Thursday.   1 black one and one blue/lilac one.   Appears that when bred with siamese sable this is all she will have....lol    We will try Kirby next to see if we get something different.