Monday, May 30, 2011


I have some baby updates and pictures, but I was doing a little research on some things and came across some very interesting facts.   Doesn't leave us very good odds at getting very many show babies, but we will keep our fingers crossed.    If I breed Lilly and Oliver or Kirby my odds of getting a show bunny are 50% but I shouldn't have any that will die right away.   If I breed Lola or Lila with Oliver and Kirby my odds are as follows:  
  • 25 percent peanuts. These will all die, of course.
  • 50 percent true dwarfs. These are your keepers.
  • 25 percent false dwarfs. You might consider keeping as a brood doe. The bucks most likely you’ll sell as pets.   This is what Lilly and Max are.
So, you would think that might not be so bad of odds, 50% correct?  That would be incorrect.   lol.    If I breed Lila and Oliver we have a 33% chance of getting a seal, which is what Lila and Chipper are, which are not showable.   And we have a 66% chance of getting a Siamese Sable, which would be showable but what if that Siamese Sable ends up being a false dwarf or a peanut, then not good.   So, then I calculated to see what we would get if we bred Lilly and Oliver/Max and I thought it was really weird that we would get so many black rabbits from that combination, and from that combination we will get 66% black and 33% siamese sable, not sure where the lilac comes  It says that if I breed Lilly and Kirby we will get 100% Lilac so I am interested to see when we breed her to him next.   I am also anxious to try Kirby and Lola because it says we will get 100% Smoke Pearl.    And with Lila we should get 100% Siamese Sable.  Evidently Kirby has no say and his color doesn't really mean   I'm sure that will not be exact but I guess now we know what to expect.    So, on to the updates.

Lila's babies are now 5 weeks old now.   For sure Chipper will have to be sold, she is a seal color.  So far Hopper is not doing too bad, his ears are a little long, but we will see.   I am really liking Kiki and I think she will be the one we keep for now.

Lila - after much research it appears she might have what is called hutch burn which is just from not very good bathroom habits.   Should be able to clear it up at home and will have to just keep checking on her.

Lila and her crew



Lola's baby is 3 weeks old now.   I think she is Smoke Pearl but her ears and legs aren't getting very dark yet.   Hopefully soon.

I put all the babies together for awhile to play and looks like they were playing piggy

Lilly's 2nd litter is now 8 weeks old.    Ollie, the black boy should be going to his new home next week.   He is so shy and everytime you go around him, he just lays flat on the   Poor little guy.

Here is Nova.  She is the one we are keeping out of this litter for awhile.   Not overly excited about her and not even sure if she is a good color, will find out  next weekend, but for now we will see how she does.

Lolli and Squirt are 3 months old now.  Squirt is not any better but is still eating and seems to sort of get around, so as long as we have Lolli and they get along, we will keep him.   So far I still like the way that Lolli looks, her ears are getting a little long, but we will see this weekend how she does.
Squirt and Lolli, you can see how much smaller Squirt is than Lolli and how much nicer his ears are.   Too bad he can't be a show bunny, I think he would do fabulous


I put Lilly's nestbox in and right away she jumped in and started re-arranging which is usually a very good sign.  We should know maybe tomorrow, in the next couple of days if she's just faking.  She tends to run late so I will give her until Thursday.

Haven't seen Dolly or Jake much in here so I thought I'd take a couple of pictures of them to put on here.   Looks like Jake is sticking his tongue out at me....not nice

I planted a bunch of flowers the other day and thought I would share how pretty they turned out.

That's it for now......stay tuned.  I am sure there will be more updates after the show next weekend.  So far I think Lolli, Nova and Lulu will go.   Not sure if Oliver's coat will be good enough to go by then.   And I think Lila's babies will be too young...drat.   

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Updates

Blogspot has been down so I haven’t been able to update in awhile.     Lola’s baby will be 2 weeks old on Thursday.    So far it looks like she will be a smoke pearl like her momma but her ears and feet aren’t very dark yet.   I am hoping that they get darker here soon.   Come on show baby bunny…..we are counting on you….lol    Here is a picture when it was 3 days old.

Here is a picture when it was 6 days old

It’s eyes are open now and it’s such cute little fuzzy bunneh.      Since it’s the only one it’s tummy is always quite round and Lola has taken very good care of it.   I was very worried with it being the only kit as usually they don’t make it, but luck (and God) were on our side.   Here it is at 10 days.

Lila’s babies are 3 weeks old now and I think this is just about the cutest age ever.   They are jumping in and out (and on top) of the nest box now and they are starting to eat regular pellets and hay.   We have had to put them in a different cage to play rather than in the fence on the floor because they like to play pyramid and escape.   And I’d rather not lose a baby bunneh in the house.     The darkest one we already know will have to be sold.   It’s ears are already getting longer than the others but also because it is considered a seal color which isn’t showable.     It’s like a Siamese sable but without darker ears and legs.   But on the good side I think it’s the tamest one and will make a superb pet.   I am hoping that we will have it sold as soon as it gets old enough, I think there is someone interested.   Not sure about the other two yet, but one definitely has short tiny ears which is great.

Lilly’s babies are 6 weeks old and I have just weaned them.  They grow up so quickly.   The black one will be finding a new home hopefully this week.  Didn’t get a picture of him lately but will have to do that before he goes.   The gray one I think we will be keeping for a little bit yet to see if she grows into her ears.  If they get too much longer we will have to find her a new home as well, but so far we will see how she can do.

Lola’s first litter is now 3 months old.    Lolly’s ears are getting a little long but I think she looks pretty good overall so we will see how she does at the next show.    She has however let me know that she protests being a show bunny by nipping at me when I try to pose her.   Not nice Lolly, not nice.   

Squirt’s legs are still terribly bad and his whole hind end is pretty deformed.   It makes me very sad whenever I see him trying to get around and hope that he isn’t in any pain.  He does seem to eat and drink fine so for now we will keep him.  I continue to pray that God will heal him, or at least keep him comfortable.   Squirt has a much better head and ears than Lolly.   Too bad they don't have a disabled show bunny class....<<sigh>>

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lola's Baby

Lola has been digging in her  corner for the last couple of weeks so I figured she was probably pregnant.   Saturday night she started gathering her hay to make a nest so I thought maybe she was going to be early and put her nest box in.  I was really worried that she was going to reject the nest box again and have them in the corner but luckily when I put the box in she jumped right in and started getting it ready.   I figured it wouldn't be long before she would have the babies but it wasn't until this morning that I found a teeny tiny little baby in there. It's tinier than any that we have had before and I worry that since it's by itself it won't be warm enough.   This afternoon Alyssa was home sick and when she went to the kitchen she saw that Lola had another baby on her shelf but it didn't make it.   Lola was in her nest box again today but I am not sure if she is going to have anymore or not.   Hopefully for the one baby she does, but either way I think it will be ok.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I had thrown some food out for the birds and squirrels and just happened to look out the window and guess what I saw.......I guess we feed bunnies inside we should feed them outside too.   This one was just taking a break and resting in the

Here is Houdini.....just taking it easy.    He's such a sweetheart.     I'm sure it won't be long before he will be bringing me many gifts.   No matter how much I tell him that he is my gift, he still feels the need to bring more.....<<sigh>> 


Here is Lulu.   She is such a sweetheart and is always looking for head scratches and is always happy to see you.   This is Alyssa's showmanship bunny, as long as she gets going on that and starts practicing...<<hint>><<hint>>.    I also think that once she grow up just a bit she is going to be one heck of a show bunny and will give the other Dutch breeders a run for their money.


Lollipop's color is getting better and better every day.   Hopefully by the next show it will be all even.  I can't wait to get her to the next show to see how she does, I am liking her looks more and more all the time.   She hates to pose, however, but if you just let her pose on her own, she looks fabulous.    Squirt's legs are still pretty bad but these two sure are bonded.  I will have to check to see if Squirt is also a doe and we will keep her as long as we keep Lolly since they just love each other so much.    I am still hoping for a miracle on Squirt's legs so everyone keep praying for him/her.   He would be a better show bunny than even Lolly.  His ears are smaller, he is smaller, color isn't quite there yet, but........keep hoping.

Delilah's babies

Lila's babies are 1 week old now.  Their eyes should be opening any day now.   I am very excited to find out if we will get any show babies out of her.   It still looks like 2 siamese sable and one dark siamese sable.   I don't think it's black, but we shall see.    I was hoping one of the lighter ones would be Smoke Pearl but so far it doesn't look that way.  DARN.

Lilly's Babies

Lilly's babies are 4 weeks old now and just keep getting bigger and bigger.  I believe that the little black on is a buck and the gray one is a doe, but I will have to keep checking.   The little black one doesn't like to be held and keeps trying to escape when I pick him up.  The gray one is super sweet and so far maybe we will be able to show her?    I am not sure about either one of them yet though, will have to give them a couple of weeks.

Charlotte finds new home

We had to say goodbye to Charlotte today.   A girl from Alyssa's 4H group wanted her to show in 4H and I think that Charlotte will have a fabulous home.  We will miss her but she took after her mom and dad and ended up too big to show.