Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lilly's 2nd litter

Lilly has been digging around here cage for the last couple of weeks and getting things arranged.  Sunday we put her nest box in and she hopped in right away and started moving hay around, I thought for sure we would have babies Monday morning.  She wasn't due until Tuesday morning but I thought maybe she would be early.   Monday morning came and no babies...<<sigh>>   Tuesday morning came and no babies...<<sigh>>  Wednesday morning came and no babies..<<sigh>>   I was beginning to think she was faking it and even called her a faker a couple of times.  I am quite sure that she was crying inside and was quite hurt by my comments.  I will have quite a bit of sucking up to do because this morning there were two little babies.     One gray one and one black one like last time, (minus 2 black    The gray one could be gray or could turn out to be Siamese Sable brown like Lola's, we shall find out in a couple of weeks.

Will be interesting to see how these sweet little babies turn out.  

Alyssa has been thinking about doing photography for the fair and she took these pictures for her science project but I think they turned out pretty cool and we might try to do these for the fair.   I like them a lot but now sure how the judges will feel.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Tonight Rio found his new home.    The young girl that took him has been wanting a bunny for quite a long time and I think that Rio will be a very good bunny for her.   It won't be the same here without him, but he will get lots of love and attention there.

Alyssa and Rio


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lola's Babies

Not too much of an update right now except Squirt's leg seems to be doing much better and he is getting around quite well now.   Here are a couple of pictures.  They are 3 weeks old now and cuter than ever.

And a nice little picture of Cooper being ever so helpful.

Hopefully we can get a video uploaded of the babies shortly.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We had one of Lola's babies that ended up with some splayed back feet and he ended up looking a little like a frog, or like he had flippers.   He would hardly move because he had to drag his hind legs and we just felt terribly  bad for him.  Alyssa has decided to call this little guy/girl Squirt.     After doing some research I discovered that we may be able to help little Squirt with his disability since he is so young.   We figured out some braces out of gauze and cloth tape.  He wasn't too keen on having them put on and being so small it was rather difficult to get them on but, we did it and it's amazing the change already.   After a few tries he realized that he could walk/hop and it wasn't long before he was exploring all over the floor.   He did soon realize that he had them on and wasn't all too happy and tried to chew them off but even if we can keep them on for awhile and he can strengthen those muscles by hopping around, I think he will come out of it just fine.....<<keeping our fingers crossed>>

Alyssa at Allstate Band

Alyssa made it into Allstate band out of 500 kids that tried out.  She was 7th chair out of 10 in the flutes.   She left Friday morning about 7:30 and spent all day practicing.  Her concert was at 4 on Saturday.   Quite a long drive but the concert was really good and they did such a great job.  Alyssa had a lot of fun and I think it was a really great experience.

I did get a little bit of their concert on Alyssa's camera.

While we were there we drove by the Capitol building and saw tons of geese.....couldn't believe how many geese there were.

It was a very long day but I know Alyssa had fun and I really enjoyed the concert.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mango is a star

Mango……Mango got to go to the 4H meeting and be a 4H-er for the day.    He didn’t know the 4H pledge but I don’t think anyone made fun of him…to his face anyway.    Alyssa had to do her demonstration and we couldn’t figure out what to do.  She was already nervous about having to do it anyway and even though I had picked out a very simple recipe for her to make she didn’t even think she would like to eat it and wasn’t very comfortable doing it.  We had Mango out, yes his wings are growing out so he has decided to grace us with his presence again.  All of a sudden we thought that she should do her demo on how to take care of him.  Not quite sure if he would be good enough to be in the meeting the whole time but I figured I could take him to time out in the car if he was bad, but he was very good actually and was the highlight of the whole meeting.     His carrier had bars across the top so he was climbing on them all the time like a little jungle gym.  Other times he would peek out at me through the slats in the side.   I could just hear him saying to me, Hey, you out there, yes you weirdo…..let me outta here.     Sometimes he would dance back and forth trying to get Alyssa’s attention but she was busy leading the meeting.   When it was his time to get out  he got out of his cage and trucked right up Alyssa’s arm and everyone thought that was the cutest thing ever.   He just sat on her shoulder and looked around looking as cute as he could be and since he acted like a perfect gentleman they couldn’t even believe he was EVER naughty or noisy.  Man does he have them fooled.     He wowed them by eating a noodle with one foot and standing on the other foot.   He amazed them by saying, “Hi Mango”.  

Alyssa practicing her demo for 4H, notice at the end Mango says, "right" to agree with her presentation.

Mango has caught Bieber FEVER!!!!   Part 1 had to be cut short because Cooper had to get his time in too and try to eat him.

Dolly and spring

It is Spring.   Dolly knows it is Spring.    Have I learned that Dolly knows it is Spring?  Evidently not.   How many times will it take her running off before I realize it?   Probably like at least nine more times, give or take a couple.    I was getting ready to leave for Pierre on Saturday to go watch the All-State concert.   Let Dolly out quick before I left.   Did I watch her?  No, thought I could do something quick.   How long does it take her to run off?  Probably like 2.2 seconds.    Had to get in the car and hunt her down.  Luckily I knew right where she was and she got right into the car without much trouble.    Sunday we had a 4H meeting at 4.   Had to let Dolly out quick.   Did I watch her?  No, finished getting stuff ready for the meeting.  Did Dolly take off?  Yes.     Anyone seeing a pattern here?   Sent Alyssa out to find her.  Alyssa could not find her.   Said that cops drove by asking if she had lost her puppy….. most likely the same cops that had to retrieve her last time.    They said she was over by the school.  Alyssa said yes and ran into the house saying we needed to find her before the cops did, like it was a race or something….lol    She was worried they were going to haul her off to doggy jail.   Got in the car and went over to the school looking for her and she was nowhere to be found.   Went around the block and saw the cops sitting in front of my house….DRAT    They had won.   I don’t think it was a very fair race though since they had already saw her and knew where to go to get her, but who was I to mention that to them.    As I drove up they were pointing to the back seat and guess who was back there panting and wagging her tail all excited she was in the cop car again.   I go to open the door and told them that I think that she runs off just so she can see them.   They laughed and said probably but I am not certain they were very amused.    Every time I have to chase her down I swear that I will never let her out loose again.   Huh, maybe someday I will listen to myself…<<smacking forehead>>

Lola and Babies

Lola……she is trying really hard to be a good mom, but sometimes I think she just gets confused.   <<shaking head>>     She didn’t want to have her babies in the nest box……I was sort of ok with that.   I think the babies have stayed warm enough.   When I would check on them, she would keep her eye on me and watch to make sure I put them back the way she wanted them.   All of a sudden the last couple of days she has been working feverishly to take all of the bedding from her cage and pile it up on top of the babies.  I am not sure if that was to keep me out (it didn’t) or if she was worried they were cold.     I now have a different theory which I will divulge in a bit.    The only problem with her piling the bedding on top of them is that it was all USED bedding so these poor little babies had all kinds of poop piled on their head.    So after doing some research I discovered that at this age they should probably have their “nest box” changed anyway so I cleaned out the whole cage, well, of course I took the babies out before I scooped it all up…sheesh.     Put a bunch of non-dusty bedding in there as well as a ton of hay so they can munch their way out.    Well, I evidently didn’t make their nest very well because they soon found their way out of their nest and were exploring the big wide world of mom’s cage.   The look of horror on Lola’s face was priceless.   She wasn’t quite sure what these little creatures were doing out in her world and they were looking for some lunch and some comfort and she would have none of it and spent most of her time on her shelf.   I now think the reason she was piling poop-laden bedding on top of her babies was so they would never escape and find her.    I tried to put them back and pile the hay up around them but they had tasted that freedom and were now anxious to get out and explore that world.  Maybe next time I tell you to use your nest box, Lola… will listen……    I am hoping that now they are out and about more that they will get a little stronger.   They don’t seem quite as big and healthy as Lilly’s babies were at this age and one of them likes to drag his hind leg around.  I am hoping he is just lazy and unsure of himself rather than having something wrong with it.     Regardless of being kind of puny and a sort of disability, they are getting cuter every day.   Can’t wait until they are hopping around like crazy.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lola's Babies

We got Lola's babies out today to check on them, they are a week old tomorrow.  Their eyes should be opening any day now.  They sort of look like they are Smoke Pearl like Lola but when you take their picture they look Siamese Sable like Max, so hard to say what they will end up being, only time will tell.

Darla and Joy

Welll, Darla and Joy have found a new least they will be able to stay together.   A wonderful lady came to pick them up today and I know she will love them and take very good care of them.   She also said that she will send pictures and keep us updated on how they are doing.   She has animals and also kids to play with them lots and lots.   We will miss them terribly but are very glad they will be going to such a fabulous home.
Darla and Alyssa


Joy and Alyssa


Houdini and Dolly

Every once in awhile I will wake up in the middle of the night to find Houdini sitting on my back watching me sleep.   Not sure how long he has been there, not sure why he is there but I am pretty certain he is calculating how long I am in a deep sleep before I wake up so that he can eat my face off.   I am pretty sure he has his henchman keeping a watchful eye for any disturbances.   Lately, right after I get into bed and turn the light off, he is up in the window, searching for any intruders.  He only gets into the window after I am in bed and turn the light off.    If I am watching TV or the light is on, he doesn’t come in.   He must be plotting and planning out in the Living Room or something.  He is in the window for about 5 minutes, intently searching for anything that moves.   Then he takes his place curled up right next to me.  I am not sure why he lays so close to me, unless it is so he can more closely monitor my sleep patterns.    I am not certain if he is trying to protect me by doing his nightly search, or make sure that no one will be looking when he does his dirty work.

Dolly…….was almost arrested again last night.     It is almost spring, I should know better…<<smacking forehead>>.   I let her outside because you know it is much too cold out for her to stay outside full-time yet.   I was on the phone, but kept checking on her.   She was there wagging her tail, waiting for me to throw her some food because you know, that’s what I am there for I guess.    I’m here, mom, waiting for some goodies…<<wag>><<wag>><<wag>> .    Was on the phone for probably 5-10 minutes, checked her all the time, she was there all the time.   I turn around to do 1 single thing, turn back around and she is GONE.   Go to call her, she is nowhere to be found.  In a matter of seconds she has taken off and is blocks away????    5 minutes pass, no Dolly.   10 minutes pass, no Dolly.    All of a sudden one cop car passes, great, he will pick her up for sure and haul her off to jail.   Another cop car passes and stops at a house a couple of blocks down.   Still no Dolly.   Pretty soon said cop car is driving down towards my house.   I debate whether to run and hide or pretend like I am busy when they pass.   Only they didn’t pass.    They pull up by my house.   Guess who is in the back seat, wagging her tail and smiling cuz she got to ride in the cop car……..again.      He asked if I was missing a dog…..I wanted to say yes, but not that one because she is NAUGHTY, but I didn’t.   And Dolly was quite excited when she got out because she knew I couldn’t yell at her while Mr. Policeman was standing there.    I’m pretty sure while on the ride home she was begging him to not take her home that she’d rather live with him.   But, luckily he knew where she lived and since I was outside calling for her they just brought her home instead of taking her to jail…….this time.   The other cop that had been driving around, drove by, rolled down and said….he knew that’s where she lived……I think everyone does…..not sure if that is a good thing.....or a bad thing, yet.