Sunday, January 29, 2012


Yesterday we had our first show of the season.  It was quite fun but I had forgotten how tiring it   It was a really big show and the rabbits we took did ok.   We sold Nesquick and she will be going to a very nice home and will be a 4H rabbit and a mom someday.  

Alyssa entered Ace and Lulu in the dress a bunny contest as a king and queen.  They looked so cute and she placed in the top ten.  This year they only gave out 3 places and then 7 honorable mention trophies.

Delilah's babies are a little over a month old now.    Here is Alex, a doe.

 Here is Julia, a doe.

And here is Melman, a buck.

Lilly's baby is also a little over a month old.  Her name is Gloria.

Lola's babies are also a little over a month.     Here is Marty, a buck, the dark one and Mylie, a doe, the gray one.

Lollipops babies are about 8 weeks old.   Here is Bart.  He went to the show yesterday but we didn't show him.  Thought we'd get him used to it. He is showing great promise and we can't wait for him to get a little older to see how he looks.

Here is Peter.  He went to the show yesterday and the judge said he was a very nice junior but just couldn't beat the seniors, wasn't quite filled out enough.   The breeder work with even said if we didn't want him she would take him so that made us feel good that maybe we will get a show rabbit from one of our babies.

We have picked out 3 of Lulu's babies that we will be keeping for awhile to see how well they show.   Here are the ones that will be finding new homes soon.

And here are the ones that we will be keeping.  Copper, Todd and Chief.

Here is Lulu and her babies we are keeping.

Bella went to the show and didn't do too bad.   She's a little thin so we will need to feed her cheerios and toast for a little bit to get her to gain a little weight.  She LOVES cheerios.  Actually all the rabbits go crazy for them. 

And we haven't had Max on here for awhile, so here he is and and with Alyssa.

And here is a picture of Alyssa from when she went to the Winter Formal a couple of weeks ago.

The top drawer of Alyssa's dresser is broken so Houdini has decided this is a good places for him to sleep I

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The babies are a little bit older now than in this picture but we were able to get them all lined up for a picture.  Aren't they cute?

Here are all of the rest of the babies together.

Here are Lilly's baby and Lola's babies

Delilah's babies

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cute Babies

 Here are Lollipop's babies.  They are almost 7 weeks old now.  Separated Nesquick and Bart today, will probably advertise Nesquick next week to find her a new home.




Lulu's babies are 3 weeks old now and have discovered how to get in an out of the nestbox.  They started eating pellets and hay today and were busy driving Lulu crazy....

Lola's babies are 2 weeks old and their eyes are open now.    Won't be long and they will be out venturing too.

Lilly's baby is about a week and a half and it's eyes are open too.   Still quite a bit bigger than Lila's babies but Lilly is still taking good care of both of them.  Here is Lilly's baby.
Lilly's baby and her foster baby from Lila.

Lila's baby.

Lila's babies are about a week and a half old too and looks like they will be Simese Sable rather than Smoke Pearl like I thought.