Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cute Babies

 Here are Lollipop's babies.  They are almost 7 weeks old now.  Separated Nesquick and Bart today, will probably advertise Nesquick next week to find her a new home.




Lulu's babies are 3 weeks old now and have discovered how to get in an out of the nestbox.  They started eating pellets and hay today and were busy driving Lulu crazy....

Lola's babies are 2 weeks old and their eyes are open now.    Won't be long and they will be out venturing too.

Lilly's baby is about a week and a half and it's eyes are open too.   Still quite a bit bigger than Lila's babies but Lilly is still taking good care of both of them.  Here is Lilly's baby.
Lilly's baby and her foster baby from Lila.

Lila's baby.

Lila's babies are about a week and a half old too and looks like they will be Simese Sable rather than Smoke Pearl like I thought.

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