Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lollipop's babies

Lollipop had her babies a couple of days ago.    When I put the nestbox in her cage she dug all of the bedding and hay out and started to make her nest on the cage floor.  After awhile she figured it out and made the nest in the box.  Then she started pulling hair and pulling hair and pulling hair.   Her little underside is bald in spots but her babies are super warm.  She had 3 and so far they are doing great.  Looks like 2 little seals and a siamese sable.

First day they were born.

2 days old.  Not much different but I like to check on how the color is doing.

Delilah and Lilly were bred at the same time but must not have taken.  We will try them again today.  Lulu and Lola will be due in about a week and a half.    Seems like they are pregnant but hard to say.

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