Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh Houdini.....

Well…..it’s been awhile since we had a Houdini post.   I thought maybe he was growing up and didn’t need such antics anymore.   I was wrong.   Last night I made burgers for supper.  I cooked an extra one for lunch.   I put it in my container to cool before I put the lid on and silly me I left it unattended.    Evidently he decided that wasn’t a good choice because when I came back out later it was on the floor.  Not for him to eat but just so I couldn’t eat it I guess.   I am guessing Dolly put him up to it because she ended up getting the burger.  Before the burger had been tossed to the floor I had put a bun in a baggie and set it by my purse so I wouldn’t forget it.   this morning I found the bun on the floor and ripped up just enough so that it was not edible.   Another Dolly conspiracy as she got that too.   Last week he pulled a bag of shredded cheese out of the garbage and threw that all over the floor, not once but twice.   This was a Jake conspiracy as he was the one that benefited when he snarfed it up on his way outside for the day.     Alyssa has left a bag of Doritos in the living room the last several days.   I am guessing that one day, quite possibly today, we will go home to find Dorito remains all over the living room floor.    Put the warning out……food is not safe at our house.  

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