Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Checked on the babies today.   Lila's babies are doing better.  She finally pulled fur and looks like she has been feeding them, they have nice round bellies.  But unfortunately it looks like we do have a peanut, that one is not growing at all.  You can see the size difference here.

It looks like Lilly has accepted Lila's extra baby and she is doing a good job feeding it, another nice round belly.  I am hoping they will get to be closer to the same size.  There is still quite a difference but you can see the nice little round bellies on them.

Lulu's babies are 2 weeks old now and are getting sooooo cute.  They are starting to get out of the nest box now.

Neko, what a big baby.  Has to lay by my feet under the computer and now has a pillow to lay on too.....must have fallen from the couch because I certainly didn't put it there....lol

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