Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly Baby Update

Yes folks, it's that time again......time for the weekly baby update.    They grow up so fast.    Starting with the youngest first.   Lilly's babies are 2 weeks and 3 days old.   Jumping in and out of the nest box, running all over the place.  So cute.

Lola's baby, Sylvester is 6 weeks old.   His ears are getting a little long too....DRAT and his color isn't coming in very well, but he has a little more time before we decide.   I really do like his head and shape, just need to keep those ears from growing.

Next is Lila's babies, they are 8 weeks old.     So far I still really like the way Kiki looks except looking again Kiki may be a boy...ACK    Guess we will have to come up with new name.   Hopper's ears are getting a little long so keep your finger's crossed they stop growing.   Chipper is still the sweetest one out of the bunch so I am hoping to find her a good home soon.




Lilly's baby Nova is almost 3 months old.   She has some good points but she is getting really big like her mom and her ears are getting quite long so we will have to see.

I didn't get any pictures of Lolli and Squirt this week because they basically look the    But here is a picture of Cooper.   I guess he has had a very rough

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