Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Update

Well, I am a little late for my weekly baby update and will have another one in a couple of days but wanted to get these pics up.

Lilly's babies are kind of little snots lately.  Every time I try to pick them up they act like I am hurt them and try to squeeze out of my hands.   Silly little things.   They are 4 weeks old here.  Almost time to wean them.   I think they are does?   Won't know for sure until they get a little older.

Sylvester is 8 weeks old.  His color is really coming in nicely, even though this picture doesn't show it and I still really like his type.   Keep your fingers crossed his ears don't grow a whole bunch.

Hopper in the first picture and Kiki in the 2nd picture are 10 weeks old now.   Hopper's head is a little long as well as his ears and his color is a little wonky right now but I am still liking Kiki even though he/she doesn't want to pose at all.

Should have some more updates on Sunday again, hopefully.   Getting close to fair time and time to choose which bunnies get to go be show bunnies.   Can't you tell how excited they are?  lol

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