Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Updates and 4th of July parade

The 4th of July parade was really good.  I LOVE a parade.   And Dolly LOVES the parade.  Here she is waiting and waiting for the parade to start.

And here are some pictures of the horses in the parade.

And here are baby updates from the last couple of weeks.  Lola and Lila ended up not pregnant which I didn't think they would be, but that's ok, gave them some time off.  Bred Lilly and Lola to Kirby so in a few weeks hopefully we can see what his babies look like. 

Lilly's babies are almost 7 weeks old now.   If we keep either one of them it will be the black one but it's quite possible they will both need to go.  Evidently Lilly and Oliver don't make a good combination for babies and they end up big with big ears....lol   They didn't change in a couple weeks it looks like.  The first pic is from 07/10/11 and the 2nd is from 07/17/11 on all of these.

Sylvester is almost 11 weeks old and his color is coming in really nicely.  So far he isn't huge and his ears aren't overly long so he may do fairly well at some of the shows.  We will see shortly as there will be tons of shows coming up soon.

Hopper and Kiki are almost 13 weeks old now and both are staying small with not overly long ears so maybe they will do fairly well on the show table as well.   First 2 pics are Hopper, 2nd 2 pics are Kiki.

And here is a picture of Cooper.   The heat must have gotten to him and he was wiped out....lol

And here is a picture of our sweet little parakeet Sweety.   She passed away yesterday, not sure what happened.   Not sure how old she was but we estimate she was at least 5 so she could have been much older than that.  We will miss her sweet little song and chirps.

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