Monday, February 21, 2011

Here We Go

So, with all of my pets going crazy most of the time, I thought maybe it would fun to keep track of all of their fun capers.

It has been awhile since Houdini has decided to stalk the counters in my kitchen but the other day I believe he was mad that I evidently didn’t feed him canned food before I left for work or who knows what reason.   But he decided that the Chex mix that I bought to send to the troops needed to be thrown on the floor and ripped up.   But he didn’t rip it up to eat it because none of it was on the floor, just the bag was shredded.  For those of you that don’t know the history of Houdini, when he was younger he would get on the counters and hunt down bread products and make them pay for any grievances they have committed which included dragging them into the living room and ripping them to pieces.  I had to learn to hide all bread products in the microwave.  When I foiled his evil plot against said bread products, he moved on to chips.   He wouldn’t ever eat them, but he would make sure they were destroyed beyond belief and scattered all over the floor.   Of course it became quite a pain to unload the microwave of bread products and chips whenever I wanted to use it and I am quite certain the Houdini sat by with a  smug look on his face for causing such a commotion.

Cooper on the other hand, has a fondness for raw chicken and can instantly smell when I bring it home from the grocery store.   He will come running out to the kitchen sniffing out the source of his meat pleasures.   If I don’t hide the chicken or put it away right away and I run out to the car to get more stuff, the chicken package will have Cooper teeth marks on the package and the chicken will be half eaten.  He won’t even wait for you to leave the room before he is rooting through the bags trying to find it.   If anyone ever loses a chicken in their house, Cooper can find it for you.

Ok, who wants to tell the 2 little female finches sitting on eggs that they will never hatch.   I hate to burst their bubble and ruin their dreams but, it’s just not gonna happen.  But they sure have been diligent sitting on them, waiting to be mommies.  At what point do you break their heart and steal their eggs away.   I don’t want to be a dream killer, sheesh.    Alyssa keeps telling me to be patient, that maybe they were pregnant when we got them.    Uhhh, by my calculations we got them several months ago?   <<counting fingers…..and toes>>   Uhh, the math isn’t adding up.   Our female cockatiel, Cicsco started laying eggs again and didn’t want to wait for her egg to hatch and wanted an immediately family so she pecked open the egg within a day of laying it.   Is that classified as murder or manslaughter.   Was it pre-meditated or was it just an act of frustration.  She has since laid 4 more eggs and has kept those all in tact so maybe it was just an accident.

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