Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here's a Story, about a Rabbit Breeder (sung to the tune of Brady Bunch)

It all started with Max about 5 years ago.   He was our first bunny.   We got him as a pet and he was quite fun and quite adorable.  For some reason we decided 2 years ago to show Max.   Turned out to not be a very good idea because Max is a pet bunny and not a show bunny and Max was thrown out of the class for being overweight by half a pound and they said he had donkey ears....ok, so they didn't really say that, his ears were just a little long .....Poor Max.....I'm quite certain he was devastated and probably cried for weeks.      Max likes to make his ears go all wonkey so we keep telling him to get his donkeys up.  But even though we didn't do so well at that show, the rabbit show bug somehow bit us and it wasn't long until we were looking for a bunny that we could show.      April of last year is when Lola came along.
And she was quite the good show bunny, winning many trophies and ribbons, a couple of Best of Breed in her class and even Grand Champion at our County Fair.    We were quite pleased.    We even went to State Fair with her and had a fabulous time.    We had 4 shows at the State Fair and only did really well in one of the show because at a year old she was not in her prime anymore....who knew?   Poor Lola, a year old and over the hill.    While we were there another bunny caught our eye and even though she wasn't a show bunny, we thought she would be a good mom and had her bred at the show, having cute little baby bunny dreams running through our heads.   Here is Lilly.
But the time came and went when we should have had baby bunny footsteps running around the house but no baby bunnies.  <<sigh>>  So then we thought, hey......we have 2 girl bunnies and a boy bunny and I think that is the perfect recipe for creating baby bunnies.     So in December we had our first litters of baby bunnies.   Lola had 2 but they didn't make it.   Lilly had 3 bouncing baby girl bunnies and a bouncing boy bunny.  Pictures of them a couple weeks after they were born.

Here they are today.   Darla - Alyssa's favorite.   She is a little larger overall with kinda large ears, just like her daddy, but she's sweet, just like her daddy.....
Joy, she has a white dot on her nose which makes her not showable but she's still cute...awwwww.
Rio - the boy of the family.   I really like his color but it's not really a color in the bunny world so not showable.

Charlotte is our little show bunny for now.   The judges have said she has fairly good type just that she has a little bit too long of an ear......I don't think it'd be good to cut them off so.....I guess we will leave her as she is.   
So, that brings us to today.   We had bred both Lilly and Lola and we are not sure yet about Lilly, but Lola had two cute healthy baby bunnies.   She is quite stubborn if I might add.  I had put her nest box in the corner of the cage where she was digging.  Did she have them in her nest box?  Noooooo, she had them in the opposite corner on the floor.  I am hoping that she has made a nice enough nest to keep them warm enough.   More pictures will come but here they are, only a few hours old.  Hard to tell this early but looks like they might be the same color she is.  Guess we will see in a few weeks.
Now.....the question will be, will we find homes for the other babies we have before these get old enough, will we get any show bunnies.....are we doomed to have wonkey ear babies....<<insert ominous music here>>.......stay tuned for the future adventures of  Bunnies, Bunnies and more Bunnies.

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