Monday, February 21, 2011


Mango, Mango, Mango. (Sun Conure)  I think sometimes he just picks days on the calendar to just be super naughty and scream all day.  Today was one of those days.   He had food, he had water, he had a fresh apple and plenty of toys.  Not enough evidently.   When he knows he is being naughty, he will scream and scream and then say his name very sternly.  Like he is scolding himself.     He has now started to imitate when we cough or sneeze.   I am not sure if he is trying to play along or make fun of us.   He is also starting to learn Alyssa's name, especially when I am trying to call to her from another room.  He is not very good at it yet but he will get there.  He has learned that whenever the phone rings, we say hello so when it rings, he does the same.   And many times he will call out Hello to us while we are in another room.   He is worse than a grumpy old man.   It gets to be dark out and he is ready for bed and crawling into his sleep tent.  At that time all lights in the area must be turned off or he will scream constantly.  And if you walk by his cage when he is in his tent, and disturb him, he will grunt at you and grumble at you for disturbing him.    He has also taken to arguing with me.  I will tell him to try a bite of something new and he will look me straight in the eye and tell me NO.   I will say yes, he will say no so finally I give up because I know I won't win.   Then lately if he is screaming a lot I will just stand by his cage with my hands on my hips just looking at him and he will look away for a second and then look back at me and say...What......all innocent like he wasn't doing a thing wrong.   A few months ago I got his wings clipped because he seemed to be getting too big for his britches.  He came out and realized he could no longer fly very far.  He was very mad and was stomping across the floor.   He has since refused to come out anymore because he cannot fly.   It is definitely a battle of wills with this one and who knew a bird would win that fight???  ACK!!!

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