Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is it wrong to be afraid of your bunnies?

Yesterday Alyssa told me she was pretty sure that Lola was having babies since there was like enough fur for a whole extra bunny in the corner.   I asked her if Lola was naked and she assured me she wasn’t but the extra bunny made of fur in the corner was a little weird.    So far Lola is being a pretty good mom, despite not liking my choice of nesting area.     I was sort of a little worried about not having a nest box to pull out to check on the babies since sometimes new moms are a little overprotective and like to bite.   Neither Lilly or Lola have yet but I don’t really want to poke their inner beast and take that chance.   So yesterday I cautiously reached in to pull the babies out, all the while watching for Lola to make sure she didn’t reach out and snack on my arm.   She watched me carefully but didn’t move too much.    I checked on them a couple of times yesterday just to make sure they were still alive and last night she had just about had it with me being in there messing around.   She didn’t bite, or even try but after I was done she gave me dirty looks and went to rearrange the fur and make sure that I hadn’t stolen her babies.   After more dirty looks ensued she finally settled down for the night.    Checked Lilly’s nest box this morning and there wasn’t any fur pulled but she was making a hole in the nest box bedding so it looks like she is preparing but she could just be faking me out.   Mainly because I’m pretty sure she finds immense enjoyment in it.   Much like the time before she was pregnant and she was preparing her cage with a nest full of hay and so I was sure she was pregnant.   She just really wanted to be pregnant and was just playing games with me.    Not nice Lilly…..not nice.  

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