Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Updates

Blogspot has been down so I haven’t been able to update in awhile.     Lola’s baby will be 2 weeks old on Thursday.    So far it looks like she will be a smoke pearl like her momma but her ears and feet aren’t very dark yet.   I am hoping that they get darker here soon.   Come on show baby bunny…..we are counting on you….lol    Here is a picture when it was 3 days old.

Here is a picture when it was 6 days old

It’s eyes are open now and it’s such cute little fuzzy bunneh.      Since it’s the only one it’s tummy is always quite round and Lola has taken very good care of it.   I was very worried with it being the only kit as usually they don’t make it, but luck (and God) were on our side.   Here it is at 10 days.

Lila’s babies are 3 weeks old now and I think this is just about the cutest age ever.   They are jumping in and out (and on top) of the nest box now and they are starting to eat regular pellets and hay.   We have had to put them in a different cage to play rather than in the fence on the floor because they like to play pyramid and escape.   And I’d rather not lose a baby bunneh in the house.     The darkest one we already know will have to be sold.   It’s ears are already getting longer than the others but also because it is considered a seal color which isn’t showable.     It’s like a Siamese sable but without darker ears and legs.   But on the good side I think it’s the tamest one and will make a superb pet.   I am hoping that we will have it sold as soon as it gets old enough, I think there is someone interested.   Not sure about the other two yet, but one definitely has short tiny ears which is great.

Lilly’s babies are 6 weeks old and I have just weaned them.  They grow up so quickly.   The black one will be finding a new home hopefully this week.  Didn’t get a picture of him lately but will have to do that before he goes.   The gray one I think we will be keeping for a little bit yet to see if she grows into her ears.  If they get too much longer we will have to find her a new home as well, but so far we will see how she can do.

Lola’s first litter is now 3 months old.    Lolly’s ears are getting a little long but I think she looks pretty good overall so we will see how she does at the next show.    She has however let me know that she protests being a show bunny by nipping at me when I try to pose her.   Not nice Lolly, not nice.   

Squirt’s legs are still terribly bad and his whole hind end is pretty deformed.   It makes me very sad whenever I see him trying to get around and hope that he isn’t in any pain.  He does seem to eat and drink fine so for now we will keep him.  I continue to pray that God will heal him, or at least keep him comfortable.   Squirt has a much better head and ears than Lolly.   Too bad they don't have a disabled show bunny class....<<sigh>>

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