Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lola's Baby

Lola has been digging in her  corner for the last couple of weeks so I figured she was probably pregnant.   Saturday night she started gathering her hay to make a nest so I thought maybe she was going to be early and put her nest box in.  I was really worried that she was going to reject the nest box again and have them in the corner but luckily when I put the box in she jumped right in and started getting it ready.   I figured it wouldn't be long before she would have the babies but it wasn't until this morning that I found a teeny tiny little baby in there. It's tinier than any that we have had before and I worry that since it's by itself it won't be warm enough.   This afternoon Alyssa was home sick and when she went to the kitchen she saw that Lola had another baby on her shelf but it didn't make it.   Lola was in her nest box again today but I am not sure if she is going to have anymore or not.   Hopefully for the one baby she does, but either way I think it will be ok.

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