Sunday, May 1, 2011


Lollipop's color is getting better and better every day.   Hopefully by the next show it will be all even.  I can't wait to get her to the next show to see how she does, I am liking her looks more and more all the time.   She hates to pose, however, but if you just let her pose on her own, she looks fabulous.    Squirt's legs are still pretty bad but these two sure are bonded.  I will have to check to see if Squirt is also a doe and we will keep her as long as we keep Lolly since they just love each other so much.    I am still hoping for a miracle on Squirt's legs so everyone keep praying for him/her.   He would be a better show bunny than even Lolly.  His ears are smaller, he is smaller, color isn't quite there yet, but........keep hoping.

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