Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Houdini and Dolly

Every once in awhile I will wake up in the middle of the night to find Houdini sitting on my back watching me sleep.   Not sure how long he has been there, not sure why he is there but I am pretty certain he is calculating how long I am in a deep sleep before I wake up so that he can eat my face off.   I am pretty sure he has his henchman keeping a watchful eye for any disturbances.   Lately, right after I get into bed and turn the light off, he is up in the window, searching for any intruders.  He only gets into the window after I am in bed and turn the light off.    If I am watching TV or the light is on, he doesn’t come in.   He must be plotting and planning out in the Living Room or something.  He is in the window for about 5 minutes, intently searching for anything that moves.   Then he takes his place curled up right next to me.  I am not sure why he lays so close to me, unless it is so he can more closely monitor my sleep patterns.    I am not certain if he is trying to protect me by doing his nightly search, or make sure that no one will be looking when he does his dirty work.

Dolly…….was almost arrested again last night.     It is almost spring, I should know better…<<smacking forehead>>.   I let her outside because you know it is much too cold out for her to stay outside full-time yet.   I was on the phone, but kept checking on her.   She was there wagging her tail, waiting for me to throw her some food because you know, that’s what I am there for I guess.    I’m here, mom, waiting for some goodies…<<wag>><<wag>><<wag>> .    Was on the phone for probably 5-10 minutes, checked her all the time, she was there all the time.   I turn around to do 1 single thing, turn back around and she is GONE.   Go to call her, she is nowhere to be found.  In a matter of seconds she has taken off and is blocks away????    5 minutes pass, no Dolly.   10 minutes pass, no Dolly.    All of a sudden one cop car passes, great, he will pick her up for sure and haul her off to jail.   Another cop car passes and stops at a house a couple of blocks down.   Still no Dolly.   Pretty soon said cop car is driving down towards my house.   I debate whether to run and hide or pretend like I am busy when they pass.   Only they didn’t pass.    They pull up by my house.   Guess who is in the back seat, wagging her tail and smiling cuz she got to ride in the cop car……..again.      He asked if I was missing a dog…..I wanted to say yes, but not that one because she is NAUGHTY, but I didn’t.   And Dolly was quite excited when she got out because she knew I couldn’t yell at her while Mr. Policeman was standing there.    I’m pretty sure while on the ride home she was begging him to not take her home that she’d rather live with him.   But, luckily he knew where she lived and since I was outside calling for her they just brought her home instead of taking her to jail…….this time.   The other cop that had been driving around, drove by, rolled down and said….he knew that’s where she lived……I think everyone does…..not sure if that is a good thing.....or a bad thing, yet.

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