Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We had one of Lola's babies that ended up with some splayed back feet and he ended up looking a little like a frog, or like he had flippers.   He would hardly move because he had to drag his hind legs and we just felt terribly  bad for him.  Alyssa has decided to call this little guy/girl Squirt.     After doing some research I discovered that we may be able to help little Squirt with his disability since he is so young.   We figured out some braces out of gauze and cloth tape.  He wasn't too keen on having them put on and being so small it was rather difficult to get them on but, we did it and it's amazing the change already.   After a few tries he realized that he could walk/hop and it wasn't long before he was exploring all over the floor.   He did soon realize that he had them on and wasn't all too happy and tried to chew them off but even if we can keep them on for awhile and he can strengthen those muscles by hopping around, I think he will come out of it just fine.....<<keeping our fingers crossed>>

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