Monday, March 7, 2011

Mango is a star

Mango……Mango got to go to the 4H meeting and be a 4H-er for the day.    He didn’t know the 4H pledge but I don’t think anyone made fun of him…to his face anyway.    Alyssa had to do her demonstration and we couldn’t figure out what to do.  She was already nervous about having to do it anyway and even though I had picked out a very simple recipe for her to make she didn’t even think she would like to eat it and wasn’t very comfortable doing it.  We had Mango out, yes his wings are growing out so he has decided to grace us with his presence again.  All of a sudden we thought that she should do her demo on how to take care of him.  Not quite sure if he would be good enough to be in the meeting the whole time but I figured I could take him to time out in the car if he was bad, but he was very good actually and was the highlight of the whole meeting.     His carrier had bars across the top so he was climbing on them all the time like a little jungle gym.  Other times he would peek out at me through the slats in the side.   I could just hear him saying to me, Hey, you out there, yes you weirdo…..let me outta here.     Sometimes he would dance back and forth trying to get Alyssa’s attention but she was busy leading the meeting.   When it was his time to get out  he got out of his cage and trucked right up Alyssa’s arm and everyone thought that was the cutest thing ever.   He just sat on her shoulder and looked around looking as cute as he could be and since he acted like a perfect gentleman they couldn’t even believe he was EVER naughty or noisy.  Man does he have them fooled.     He wowed them by eating a noodle with one foot and standing on the other foot.   He amazed them by saying, “Hi Mango”.  

Alyssa practicing her demo for 4H, notice at the end Mango says, "right" to agree with her presentation.

Mango has caught Bieber FEVER!!!!   Part 1 had to be cut short because Cooper had to get his time in too and try to eat him.

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