Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lilly's 2nd litter

Lilly has been digging around here cage for the last couple of weeks and getting things arranged.  Sunday we put her nest box in and she hopped in right away and started moving hay around, I thought for sure we would have babies Monday morning.  She wasn't due until Tuesday morning but I thought maybe she would be early.   Monday morning came and no babies...<<sigh>>   Tuesday morning came and no babies...<<sigh>>  Wednesday morning came and no babies..<<sigh>>   I was beginning to think she was faking it and even called her a faker a couple of times.  I am quite sure that she was crying inside and was quite hurt by my comments.  I will have quite a bit of sucking up to do because this morning there were two little babies.     One gray one and one black one like last time, (minus 2 black    The gray one could be gray or could turn out to be Siamese Sable brown like Lola's, we shall find out in a couple of weeks.

Will be interesting to see how these sweet little babies turn out.  

Alyssa has been thinking about doing photography for the fair and she took these pictures for her science project but I think they turned out pretty cool and we might try to do these for the fair.   I like them a lot but now sure how the judges will feel.

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  1. My favorite is the bottom picture of the baby (baby beached elephant seal). I would post a related picture for comparison purposes, but alas, the comment field will not let me.