Monday, March 7, 2011

Dolly and spring

It is Spring.   Dolly knows it is Spring.    Have I learned that Dolly knows it is Spring?  Evidently not.   How many times will it take her running off before I realize it?   Probably like at least nine more times, give or take a couple.    I was getting ready to leave for Pierre on Saturday to go watch the All-State concert.   Let Dolly out quick before I left.   Did I watch her?  No, thought I could do something quick.   How long does it take her to run off?  Probably like 2.2 seconds.    Had to get in the car and hunt her down.  Luckily I knew right where she was and she got right into the car without much trouble.    Sunday we had a 4H meeting at 4.   Had to let Dolly out quick.   Did I watch her?  No, finished getting stuff ready for the meeting.  Did Dolly take off?  Yes.     Anyone seeing a pattern here?   Sent Alyssa out to find her.  Alyssa could not find her.   Said that cops drove by asking if she had lost her puppy….. most likely the same cops that had to retrieve her last time.    They said she was over by the school.  Alyssa said yes and ran into the house saying we needed to find her before the cops did, like it was a race or something….lol    She was worried they were going to haul her off to doggy jail.   Got in the car and went over to the school looking for her and she was nowhere to be found.   Went around the block and saw the cops sitting in front of my house….DRAT    They had won.   I don’t think it was a very fair race though since they had already saw her and knew where to go to get her, but who was I to mention that to them.    As I drove up they were pointing to the back seat and guess who was back there panting and wagging her tail all excited she was in the cop car again.   I go to open the door and told them that I think that she runs off just so she can see them.   They laughed and said probably but I am not certain they were very amused.    Every time I have to chase her down I swear that I will never let her out loose again.   Huh, maybe someday I will listen to myself…<<smacking forehead>>

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